Northern Dynamic Metalworks is a full scale metal processing and fabrication firm in Prince George, serving customers throughout northern BC. Custom welding projects, including truck bodies, are our speciality.

Specializing in

Water Jet Cutting

Northern Dynamic Metalworks has water jet machines that cut through metal composites of up to 8-inch steel.

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Our Clients Include:

  • Contractors
  • Large Corporations
  • Trucking Outfits

We Manufacture Products Like:

  • Service & Van Bodies
  • Emergency Transportation Vehicles (ETV)
  • Custom Trailers & Trailer Kits
  • HD Custom Bush Boxes
  • Service Decks


Customizations are no problem.

Our products come out of our shop in all shapes and sizes. We perform sandblasting, painting and powder coating to give your items a durable, long lasting finish.

Northern Dynamic

Our company loves a challenge and values a job well done.

We have a crew that likes to design new projects and come up with new ideas. We are highly motivated to build something that we can be proud of, while at the same time delivering service with honesty and integrity, for a fair price.